Bouquet of flowers is the supreme floral gift. You can send or present this gift to your loved ones on the wedding anniversary and on some other special occasions. Wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate the years which you have spent with your partner with love and devotion. Presenting this elegant floral gift is the best way to say thank you for his/her pure love and loyalty.

 Bouquet of flowers is a blend of following:

  • Red roses
  • White daisy flowers
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Dolphin-shaped belladonna light-blue Delphinium flowers
  • Assorted green.

        All of these flowers are hand-tied in a clear wrapper with a light blue ribbon. This adds a graceful touch to these flowers.

What does Bouquet of flowers represent?

  • Each and every flower and its color in this flower arrangement describe something about your partner and also about your feeling for him/her.
  • The red roses describe your love, romance, and passion for your partner.
  • The white daisies are speaking about the purity and innocence of your partner.
  • The belladonna light-blue Delphinium flowers are the symbol of open heat and your ardent attachment towards your partner.
  •  In the last but not the least, the bells of Ireland flowers are representing your wish of good luck for your partner as the green color is the symbol of good luck.

 So collectively this flower arrangement is the symbol of love, commitment, beauty, innocence, purity, and good luck.

            Hence, in a nutshell, this bouquet of flowers is the best wedding anniversary floral gift, besides rose bouquet, if you want to present something special on your wedding anniversary. At Yonge flower shop, Richmond Hill, we provide the facility to customize bouquet with the flowers of your own choice. You can add some extra flower i.e. Pink Lily flowers that will add an extra touch of beauty to this bouquet. So what are you waiting for? Order now and give a surprise to your partner on this special occasion by presenting this gorgeous bouquet of flowers.