Red Boutonniere – Calla Lily

The red boutonniere is one of the most popularly used boutonnieres for special occasions of great significance like weddings, homecoming, or prom. Their usage has been seen throughout history because they were considered as a source of getting rid of evil spirits and bad scents. Well, not really sure about the evil spirits, but definitely red charming flower boutonnieres lure the ladies with its fragrance and tempting look.

Red boutonniere has a special significance as a lapel adornment. It is believed that the boutonniere of the groom should be different from that of groomsmen. Preferably, it should match the bride’s bouquet. Therefore, red flowers or roses are preferred for this purpose, especially if the lapel of the groom is black.

You can get your boutonniere from a local flower shop in Toronto or even opt for a DIY boutonniere. If you are weighing your options about where to buy red boutonniere in Toronto, then you should check your options at wholesale flowers Toronto shop. They have a wide variety of flowers to be chosen for a boutonniere.

The color red itself is considered as a romantic one and is utilized for events like weddings and anniversaries. If you want a formal dinner or ceremony for your anniversary, then you should definitely get a red boutonniere to show your better half that you are not neglecting even the tiniest details. Do not forget to order red roses from Toronto wholesale flower store to gift to your spouse.

Although the beauty of red flowers is tempting enough on its own, but to make it perfect, bulk flowers Toronto shops adorn it with a pearl pin as the red flower needs to be tucked securely into the lapel. The pearl pins enhance the beauty of the boutonniere.

To make this red boutonniere even more eye-catching, Toronto Bulk Flowers adorns it with a gold satin ribbon. The ribbon is wrapped all around the stem so that it could stay firm, while tucked into the lapel.

There are a number of options for red-colored flowers; you are not limited to red roses only. Do not opt for artificial flowers as the look of fresh flower boutonnieres from local florist makes the special occasion even more lively.