Braided Money Tree

Braided Money Tree also called a Feng shui is for those, who wants to reduce the forces of electromagnetic energy released from the computer.
A small pot can bring you happiness, fortune, and luck.
Not only this plant brings fortune to you but also it purifies the air around you and refreshes your mood.
Success is naturally attracted to fresh air that makes you ready for future  opportunities. Braided Money Tree is completely safe for the pet.
But keep this plant away from your pet otherwise your pet may destroy this beautiful plant.
According to the Chinese tradition the intensity of luck depends upon the condition of your plant.
That’s why we pay special attention to the quality of plants at the time of delivery.
The braided stem is perfect for capturing everybody’s attention in your family function or gatherings like weddings and birthday parties.
Now you may be wondering what is the best place and time to buy this plant.
Chinese tradition believes that the best time to buy this Braided Money Tree is the new year.
They believe the Braided Money Tree can only boost luck and happiness if you buy this plant at the time of happiness only.
They also recommended placing this plant in your drawing room or your work area instead of in the bedroom.
Because of increasing CO2 releasing levels of plants in the night.
If you want to boost the house beauty and luck then this plant is only for you.
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Approximately: 14″ h x 11″ w