Bulk Aspidistra Green – 10 Bunches

The Bulk Aspidistra Green is what your wedding arrangements need in order to become the most beautiful thing you have at your party. This greenery is one elongated and thick leaf that extends from the bottom of the stem to the top. It is loved by many wedding organizers and DIY brides due to its versatility. Many brides will make sure that their wedding flowers and greeneries will include this awesome and imposing green leaf.

Your wedding designers and wedding stylists can use this greenery to the best of its advantage. The Bulk Aspidistra Green can be best used along the back of the bridal centerpieces or wrapped around the stem of your wedding bouquet to create a thick green leaf look that many brides love. Use this green to wrap around a vase arrangement or line inside of floral glass vase for dramatic effect.

Whether your wedding is a grand affair fit for a princess or an intimate wedding with close family and friends, a vase arrangement designed with the Bulk Aspidistra Green will make its effect. Your guests and loved ones will be amazed and impressed by the creative flower looks that the Aspidistra will produce.

Make sure to get bulk flowers for the best prices and easy DIY projects. Many beautiful fillers can be perfectly matched with the Bulk Aspidistra Green such as Wax Flowers, Baby’s Breath, and Chrysanthemum Spray Button Green.

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