The Carnation White Fancy are elegant and common flowers. They can accommodate a wide range of options for wedding flowers and other occasions. The blossoms are a good size and round in shape with ruffled petals. Each straight and long stem has one bloom perched at the top, which makes them perfect for fancy bouquets. The scientific name of this flower translates to the “flower of the gods”.

How do florists use carnation white fancy blooms?

  • Florists use carnation white fancy blooms widely to make garlands for different ceremonial purposes. This practice dates back to the ancient Greek era, from where it takes its reference as “the flower of the gods.”
  • Carnation White Fancy makes eye-catching arrangements for all occasions.
  • These small flowers with ruffled petals arranged in overlapping rounds look adorable even on their own.
  • The florists and designers prefer them for their availability all through the year and the subtle look at a reasonable price.

The flower grows on a long stem each carrying a single bloom. A few stems are enough to fill a vase and to dress a room decently. When artistically combined with hanging trellis, Carnation White Fancy looks heavenly. For a spectacular look, use them against dark backgrounds. For example, a room with walls in bold colors will show off these blooms perfectly and also balance the overwhelming colors in the room.

Similarly, they make a perfect choice for a wedding theme to go against any dark tones used in furniture, etc. Even when combined with light colors, they can get along well. For longer vases with narrow necks, Toronto Bulk Flowers suggests adding some green herbs to hang on the sides and the flower heads on top.

What is the meaning of these white flowers?

  • Their white color symbolizes the purest feelings of love and is thought to bring good luck.
  • The vintage feeling of these flowers, with the complimentary clove scent, imparts a classy look to any space that they are used in.
  • These white beauties symbolize joy and purity.

Carnation White Fancy can make a complete bouquet for casual presentation, with a large leaf to wrap around. An oversized leaf will not only hold the flowers but also make them stand out against its dark green hue. They are ideal for DIY arrangements as they act as excellent fillers with their long stems.

The abundance of carnations makes them a popular choice among wholesale flowers. You can easily find them anywhere with other bulk flowers to create the look you want. Another reason for their popularity is they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other fancy types of flowers.