Gerbera Daisy Red

Gerbera Daisy is one of the best flowers that you can ever lay your hands on. It has soothing red petals that make it stand high above other flowers. This is one of the best choices that you can ever make for your impending wedding or night time party. The many blossoms it has made it able to add a good level of texture and volume to your floral arrangement.

Gerbera Daisy Red flowers exhibit a burst of happiness with their presence. The exuberant red color depicts passion and ardent love. Just like red roses, these red flowers demonstrate immense love and infatuation. These joyous color blooms can be used to brighten up space without overdoing it. They can serve to be a decent addition of a colorful accessory to a room with a touch of freshness.

Gerbera Daisy Red flowers look great in simple glass vases, pitchers and containers. The two-lipped ray florets arranged like disks are more than enough to bring in the colorful element without any further addition. Their DIY arrangements are a great alternative for roses at weddings or other occasions. Celebrate your passion with these blooms from wholesale flowers collection, as the center of attention. The bright color of the flowers calls for bright green foliage like that of Salal leaves or freshly cut Sword ferns instead of silvery or light green leaves. Assorted fresh leaves from tropical plants are a good choice for this purpose.

Bring some versatility

A simple bouquet of Gerbera Daisy Red assembled on a big Lemon leaf or Palm leaf can serve as a perfect gift to express your amorous feelings. This striking contrast is surely a mood lifter and a treat for the eyes. Another good idea can be a vibrant wreath of the flower heads arranged with a foliage base like that of olive branches. Garlands of these flower heads can also serve as a refreshing accessory at a bridal shower and enhance the joyous sentiments with their tint and beauty.

Gerbera Daisy Red is a low maintenance cut flower. After receiving your bulk flowers from Toronto Bulk Flowers, simply provide them ample light and fresh water and your arrangements are good to go for over two weeks in your containers; high temperature is not favorable though! For vertical arrangements where you are using the whole long stem, it is a good idea to support the stems. This way, they won’t bend and wilt early. Pruning any underwater leaves on the stem is also good for the arrangement. It would reduce any chances of bacterial or fungal growth.