Step into a world of timeless beauty with Bulk ‘Lady in Red’ Rose. These exquisite blooms are a sight to behold, captivating hearts with their alluring charm. Whether you’re planning a romantic gesture, adorning a special event, or looking to add elegance to your space, this rose is the perfect choice. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and unique qualities of this captivating bloom.

Some Significant Features of These Blooms

Notably, the dark red hue of the Bulk ‘Lady in Red’ Rose is suffused with occasional black smoke, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. The globular and ovoid bud form adds an element of anticipation, as each bud holds the promise of unfurling into a breathtaking blossom. These roses boast a large size, with ruffled petals spanning 3½ to 4½ inches in diameter, forming charming clusters. The flower form is old-fashioned and very double, showcasing a mesmerizing display of 35 to 50 petals in each bloom.

What’s Special about Bulk ‘Lady in Red’ Rose?

Furthermore, what sets Bulk ‘Lady in Red’ Rose apart is its ability to evoke emotions and create lasting impressions. The deep, velvety red hue exudes passion and romance, making it an ideal choice for expressing love and desire. Moreover, its captivating beauty effortlessly elevates any occasion, leaving a lasting memory. Whether presented as a gift or used for event decorations, “Lady in Red” adds an undeniable touch of sophistication and elegance.

Moreover, these roses are famous for their longevity and durability. They maintain their striking appearance for an extended period. This allows the recipient or event guests to enjoy their beauty for days. This quality makes ‘Lady in Red’ a wise investment for those seeking long-lasting floral arrangements.


In conclusion, Bulk ‘Lady in Red’ Rose is a true embodiment of dark elegance and allure. Its mesmerizing features, including the dark red suffused with occasional black smoke color, large ruffled petals, and old-fashioned double form, make it a standout bloom. So what beholds you to embrace the beauty and charm of these captivating blooms?  Order them today and create unforgettable moments that you will cherish for a lifetime?