Bulk Pink Roses – 50 cm

The words “a rose is just a rose,” is an old adage that has been around for a long time, but would not necessarily apply to the bulk pink roses. These roses are elegant and beautiful. They can be used in any flower arrangement, bouquet or just as a single stem rose in a vase. The mild colored petals will soothe and calm you from your first glimpse. These roses were created for special occasions, so they add beauty, elegance, and charm to any area that they are used in, also Nena pink roses are a perfect fit for even a christening.

The meaning of the pink roses is love and passion. What other way is there to show your loved one just how much they mean to you? This rose encapsulates all the beauty and elegance of the meaning. If you choose to use them for gardening, so you will not get them all year round and may need to order in advance for importation purposes. The Nena pink roses are huge and can open to double, or triple the size of other roses.

Whatever you need your Nena pink roses for, you can order them and have them shipped as long as they are available. Choose these roses in bulk flowers to add a softer touch to your arrangement. If you choose to use it as a decorative piece, then use only one bud in a vase and watch it stand out in the area you choose. Give one to a friend, a lover or keep it for yourself, does not matter what you do because you will still be happy with your purchase.

What are the Best Roses to Send for Mother’s Day?

  • Yellow Roses.
  • Pink Roses.
  • Lavender Roses.
  • Blue Roses.