Bulk Lavender Roses

The beautiful Bulk Lavender Roses have some of the most romantic and eye-catching color variations in the rose family of flowers. Their bright shades of lavender color make them the best addition to many different types of floral arrangements that you can ever think of. It has beautifully colored petals that can vary in shades of lilac, purple and pinkish lavender. They can, therefore, match many wedding flowers themes so that they create an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

In addition, many other gorgeous and colorful flowers can complement the beautiful Lavender Roses such as Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Lavender, Pink Mini Calla Lilies and Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion White. You can also match this purple rose with other bulk roses such as Bulk Red Roses, Hot Pink Roses, White Roses, and Soulmate Pink Roses. If you love DIY flower arranging projects, the options are limitless when you design with bulk flowers.

But don’t limit yourself thinking that you can only use the Lavender Roses as wedding flowers. They are ideal for all other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you love do-it-yourself flower design then use these gorgeous roses for a friend’s upcoming lilac themed bridal shower or even a for a baby girl baby shower. For creating a delicate and light girly-themed party the lavender color matches well with Light Pink Carnation Fancy and Pink Gerbera Daisy.

Contact us at Toronto Bulk Flowers to discuss the availability and matching compatibility of fillers and greens with Lavender Roses. Genisa Filler White, Magnolia Greenery leaves, and Aralia Green leaves are some of these great greeneries. We also offer some of the most competitive prices on wholesale flowers, fillers, and greenery. So you can be sure to design your do-it-yourself flower arrangements with peace of mind.

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