Bulk Sunflower

Whether its DIY floral arrangements or some party décor, bulk sunflowers are one of the most sought-after options. They can endure even the hottest weathers and can live from anywhere between 5 to 12 days, depending on various factors.

The fresh and bright color of these flowers brightens up the whole aura and freshens up the mood. These sun-rich gold flowers are one of the earliest flowers everyone knows about because of its ability to always face the sun. The rich appearance of bright sunflowers is a timeless choice.

Bulk sunflowers are a popular choice because they are a symbol of loyalty. They also convey a sense of admiration, strength, respect and long life. Whether they are needed for an outdoor setting or an indoor one, wholesale flower outlets recommend sunflowers for all kind of locations.

Use them with other flowers

If you are using them in combination with other flowers in a bouquet or floral arrangement, sunflowers can serve as a good focal point. Two widely used varieties include sunflowers with a yellow center that yield a softer look, while the other type is sunflowers with a black center that yield a rich contrast; needless to say, both look appealing.

Sunflowers can grow quite tall so you can use them in long vases as well. They thrive best in warm soil and once cut, keep them hydrated to last longer and stay fresh. You should keep the soil of sunflowers moist to keep them fresh. However, it is important to keep it moist, not to make it too wet or mushy.

Bulk flower shops sell sunflowers for all occasions. They are well-suited for birthday decor, wedding celebrations, graduation gift, congratulation gesture, baby birth, promotion present and many more. When used in large quantities, sunflowers have the ability to transform a dull room into a vibrant and fresh setting.

Bulk sunflowers can be ordered from Toronto Bulk Flowers for any occasion. Ordering in bulk for these all-time favorite flowers cuts down the cost.

Sunflowers are some of the best flowers to choose for your DIY floral arrangements. They lighten the mood through their eye-catching sunny color. Sunflowers can be ideal to act as the focal point in any flower centerpiece or bouquet arrangement and are sure to brighten any occasion such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation and more events.