Life-Giving Liquid in Cactus-Desert Plants

Cactus desert plants are indeed fascinating as you see them standing up to harsh desert conditions. Of course, this is because they’re capable of storing large amounts of water which help them to survive in hot, dry, hostile environments.

So Many Choices

It is amazing to know that there are about 1 500 species of cacti, mostly found in the Americas. They’re prickly and spikey and you’re not likely to find one with plant leaves. The thorns and spines protect the plant from animals looking to gain access to the life-giving liquid inside.

Cactus desert plants come in all shapes and sizes and there is some small pot-plant type of cactus-desert plants that are just a few inches in height but there are also some huge species that can reach about 65 feet in height. When they are full of water, they can become super heavy. There are many desert cacti in the world today and also in different colors.

Some kinds of cacti have fruit. The spikey cactus in the desert usually come into flower from March to May and the beautiful blossoms can be creamy to yellow to pink.

Cactus desert plants are low maintenance plants and when it comes to their care, there are general rules that apply.

Caring for your Desert Cactus:

  • You can water once a week if your cactus container has drainage holes. If the container doesn’t have drainage holes, water sparingly and make sure the water doesn’t pool in the water-catchment container.
  • The soil must be completely dry between watering.
  • The soil must be fast draining and well aerated. Your nursery will help you choose the correct soil mix.
  • Your cactus plant must be in a well-lit room.

If you don’t have a good light source, rather go with the green succulents as opposed to the pink-, blue- and purple shades.

Where to buy Cactus?

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