Cake Decoration Ivy Roses

Cake decoration ivy roses are a classic combo of fresh green ivy and white clouded roses. Moreover, it is an elegant combination of green dendrobium, ivy accents, and white spray roses.  Nowadays, we arrange unique decorated cakes to celebrate plenty of different occasions such as christenings, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, Christmas, and birthdays.

What can we do to keep the flowers fresh on cake decoration Ivy roses?

  1. You will surely want to do everything you can to increase the life of your flowers, specifically when you are buying them a few days earlier then they are going on your cake.
  2. For further processing of your flowers, strip the stem of all greenery or flowers you don’t want to show.
  3. Then dunk the entire flower its stem and everything into a water solution and vinegar.
  4. This process kills all of the bacteria on the plant so it can live longer.
  5. Trim the stem of the flowers and dip their end into a quick dipto make the flowers hydrated.
  6. Then you will store them with water in a vase until they are all ready to use.

When you decide to bring flowers to your wedding cake design, then you can help to tie your decoration together. You can match your reception centerpieces or ceremony arrangements to add brightness, bold blooms for a different vibe, or for a totally polished look.

Moreover, you can take inspirations from our favorite wedding cakes which features our fresh flowers at the wedding cakes. Similarly, use real blooms for your wedding cakes. Further, cake decoration ivy roses include fresh green ivy, clouded white roses, and green dendrobium, ivy accents.

These fascinating ideas are incredibly diverse in styles and in colors. Therefore, it is a true inspiration for all sorts of celebrations. In short, you will see how we use petals to decorate cakes, and what the other accents they have been paired with are.