Cake decoration sweet white is sweet, sensational and simple cake arrangement. It features hydrangea, mini carnations and white roses. Moreover, it is a pleasant array of carnations, hydrangea and white roses. Meanwhile, the standard size of this cake is almost around 14 1/2″ in width and 17 1/2″ in height.

What is the importance of cake decoration sweet white in a wedding?

Cutting the cake on the wedding ceremonies is a tradition in all over the world on the of day of the wedding. Further, all around the world in most countries, both the bride and the groom cut the wedding cake together. The bride and groom cut the cake they hold hands together. When they cut the cake, the bride and groom  enjoy to eat the first part of cake together and they hug each other, as expected the bride and groom joining of their moment with their guest. Then they serve the cake is to the guests with a glass of juice, champagne or whatever they want.

Cake decoration sweet white presentation

Presentation of this wonderful cake is as follows:

Two layers of sponge

Three layers of flora decoration


Mini carnations

Nowadays, it has become a tradition to place a reception table with the cake. Consulting with our professionals will let you know the idea  of the decoration of cake that you want to have for your wedding day. Sweet white cake decoration is the most wonderful cake option anyone can avail by using it as their wedding cake. Meanwhile, you can choose the flowers for your cake too.

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