Calla lily flowers bouquet is an ornamental assortment of ravishing calla lilies flanked by white roses, and mix white flowers. These flowers come in a decorative glass vase making this floral gift more elegant and exotic. The relationship of love requires attention and care. Therefore, presenting this floral gift to your loved ones on the occasion of love and romance will make your relationship stronger than ever before.   This bouquet has been made with extensive care by the professional florist of GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill, so that the beauty of these calla lilies and white roses may intact.

Calla lily flowers bouquet is more than a floral gift:

  • Though this bouquet is a pristine and a beautiful floral gift yet it is more than that of a floral gift.
  • It is an emblem of purity, innocence, love, loyalty, beauty, holiness, and thankfulness.
  • The white calla lilies in this arrangement are like white blood cells. They will protect the relationship of love between you and your darling from the envoy of others.
  • This bouquet will make the day of its receiver more pleasant and peaceful.
  • It is the 30th wedding anniversary flower which you can present to your wife to celebrate the long-lasting pure love and loyalty.
  • Lilies and white roses are pure magic to admire someone’s beauty, whether it is physical or moral.

The occasion on which you can present Calla lily flowers bouquet?

As described earlier, this bouquet is the symbol of innocence, purity, love, beauty, and holiness. Therefore, you can present this bouquet on the following occasions.

  • Thank giving day
  • 30th wedding anniversary.
  • On the wedding ceremony of a bridge as a symbol of purity and beauty.
  • You can also present this bouquet on the baptism ceremony.
  • On the baby shower of your loved ones.

On the above-mentioned occasions, you can also send or present Tropical Flowers & The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD

Therefore, send these funnel-shaped flowers to your loved ones through Toronto flower delivery of Yonge flower shop. We also have the facility of same-day delivery for the Greater Toronto Area and Richmond Hill.


Approximately 28″H x 28″W