Carnation Flower and More

Celebrating your occasions with carnation flower and more is one of the most cheerful ways to celebrate. Further, carnations are a sweet, simple, and stunning addition to any bouquet. These diverse flowers can represent celebration, growth, and affection. We send your special someone or loved one a carnation bouquet, so you can tell them how important they are to you. You can surely send a meaningful message today with one of our spectacular floral arrangements which feature carnation flowers.

Our professional florists know very well that the trend of white and red flowers are everlasting. We also always keep a good variety of red and white flowers to adorn your big day. Undoubtedly, for wholesale flowers Toronto, carnation flowers are the most popular options for your big days. They come in the approximate size of 8 1/2″ W x 8 1/4″ H but you can change the size or colors in your order.

They also have charming romantic quality, which is associated with your favorite white and red flowers, which is to be titled Beauty and the Beast. We all grew up listening to it. Just like the mesmerizing tale, the white and red flowers used in it lures everyone into a magical state of dedication and love.

How do you represent carnation flower and more?

These precious flowers are available in our flower shop Toronto. Furthermore, we also offer our clients the same day delivery service through our flower delivery Canada. We present carnation flower and more and flowers included in it in the following way:

  1. Red and white flowers
  2. Green classically shaped lush green leaves
  3. Crystal clear glass vase with red shade

Adding a few greens to the carnation flower makes it look more natural and attractive. A flawless tie with a hand-selected white and red flowers is all you need for killer looks on the wedding day, Thanksgiving Day, prom day or any other formal occasion.