Carnation Light Pink Fancy

The Bulk Carnation Light Pink Fancy is as ladylike as any flower can get. The meaning of pink carnations is that of happiness, gentleness, and joy. It is obvious why they would be great for wedding flowers. At Toronto Bulk Flowers we offer this flower with its pale petals, which transition into slightly deeper pink around the edges. This is the kind of flower that you will find inevitable to stare. Due to their soothing sensation, these are absolutely versatile to incorporate into your flower DIY arrangements.

Bring in a fresh look with Carnation Light Pink Fancy. They are irresistible with their soothing shade and make their way into floral arrangements for both formal and casual occasions. Although the pink color is usually referred to as a feminine look, the light hue totally allows creating a subtle arrangement. Use it in combination with foliage and other perennial herbs like Rosemary and Oregano.

They also owe their attraction to their slightly spicy smell that is quite captivating. They are also known as “clove pinks” for this reason.

Light Pink is a perfect color for carnations

A long vase with Carnation Light Pink Fancy will make a perfect setting for a bridal shower or a baby shower for a baby girl. Make fancy garlands for these occasions with twisted vines. Have fun with these charming garlands in the neck or as headbands. They express feminine vibes combined with an element of freshness and natural beauty. These fresh and pleasant accessories can replace the heavy, fancy jewelry and that too at reasonable price.  Get a comprehensive look with these blooms from wholesale flowers retailers and arrange them in wicker or rattan baskets, with fresh green leaves around and a few ribbons curled and hanging around.

Carnation Light Pink Fancy flowers can elaborately convey your love on Mother’s Day with their impeccable color. Make a beautiful centerpiece for your mother and celebrate the day magnificently, or just send this delightful bouquet to your mom and tell her how much you love her. The happiness and joy associated with these fine-colored flowers are certainly priceless. Their long stems enable them to fit in vertical arrangements in long vases. The stalk-less, small leaves on the stems are trimmed to give them a neater look.

They not only have a relatively long-life span as cut flowers. Also, they are a popular choice at Toronto Bulk Flowers for their affordability. Designers love to use them when working within a limited budget. The fresh touch and the outdoor feel can be achieved by using bulk flowers at a reasonable price with Carnation Light Pink Fancy. Combined with perennial herbs, they certainly make magnificent vintage floral arrangements for all sorts of occasions.