Christmas Magic Bouquet

You can decorate your halls and holiday homes with our Christmas magic bouquets. This stunning bouquet allows you to share wonderful greetings of the season. It is an elegant combination of red carnations, bright red roses with nestled in a bed of Christmas greens. This arrangement gives a magical touch to the bouquet. All of these things are gathered with an ornament vase with stem lid to make our bouquet bright. It features a bold red ribbon with it. This flower arrangement captures the pleasure of holiday magic for whoever receives it.

This year Christmas bouquet will bring seasonal flowers as the best floral gift for your dear ones. Moreover, the red ceramic ornament vase will be a sparkling keepsake of your flower arrangement.

Our skilled floral artists take great pride in our work. Every effort we make is to fill your order as close as possible to the pictures provided. Further, if you want to, we can also provide a customized flower arrangement. Your bulk flowers Toronto will hand-deliver to you on the same day of your occasion through our flower delivery Canada.

Presentation of Christmas flower bouquet

The style of representation and flowers we include in Christmas magic bouquet is as follows:

  • Red carnations
  • Bright red roses
  • Nestled in a bed of Christmas greens
  • A bold red ribbon
  • An ornament vase with stem lid

What does red carnation & roses symbolize in the Christmas magic bouquet?

  • Red roses: red rose represent true love, romance, passion, and desire. It also represents true appreciation and respect towards each other.
  • Red carnations: carnations with light red shade represents admiration. On the other hand, carnations with darker shades, symbolize affection and deep love.

These blooms put a lovely smile on your dear ones‘ face. These lovely blooms are the ambassador of your love for your dear ones. So, this bouquet will create a lovely effect on the mood of its receiver.