Chrysanthemum Single Cremon Yellow


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1 Bunch of 10 stems – BF656-10, 3 Bunches of 30 stems – BF656-30, 5 Bunches of 50 stems – BF656-50, 7 Bunches of 70 stems – BF656-70, 10 Bunches of 100 stems – BF656-100

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  • Meaning of flower: friendship and well-wishing.
  • We recommend you receive your flowers 3 days prior to your event.
  • Bunch of Chrysanthemum usually contains 5-8 stems in a bundle.
  • All Chrysanthemum flowers might take up to 24-48 hours to fully bloom open.
  • Any petals under Chrysanthemum family are VERY easy to fall off, please handle flowers with care.
  • All mum cut-flowers are long-lasting and stay fresh for 8 to 13 days and sometimes longer, depending on the variety of mum flowers and care.


  • Meaning of flower: gentleness and love.
  • Daisies/Cushion have on average 3-5 blooms per stem. Each bloom is 0.5 to 2 inches wide and each stem is a minimum of 25-30 inches in length.
  • Common colors found in Daisies/Cushion are: white, yellow, purple, bronze and even spray tinted.
  • Daisies and Cushion flowers are one of the most popular chrysanthemums used in weddings flowers.
  • Average vase life: 8 days.

Button Mums

  • Button Mums are excellent filler flowers for arrangements.
  • Button Mums are small, petal-packed and dome shape.
  • Button Mums have on average 3-5 blooms per stem. Each bloom is about 1 inch wide and the stem is a minimum of 25-30 inches in length.
  • Common colors in Button Mums: yellow, green and white.
  • Average vase life: 5 days.

Note: Button mums are one of the most popular fillers used in weddings flowers.

Spider Mums

  • Pointy petals, packed, flat-shaped.
  • Spider mums have 1 bloom (4-5 inch wide) per stem and minimum 25 inches in length.
  • Spider mums come in a variety of colors: white, yellow, green, purple and can be spray-tinted. Our team sprays a special flower paint to tint the Spider Mum.
  • Average vase life: 5 days.

Commercial Mums

  • Round petals, packed, round (ball) shape.
  • Each stem of Commercial Mums has 1 bloom ( about 3-4 inch wide) and minimum 25 inches in length.
  • Common color in Commercial Mums: white and yellow.
  • Dye Color: blue, bright red, medium purple * Dye will transfer color to EVERYTHING, please be careful when processing.
  • Average vase life: 5 days.


  • Dahlia flowers are only available from mid-summer to early fall.
  • Round petal packed ball-shaped bloom with a hollow stem.
  • Flowers per stem: 3-5 blooms (about 2 inches wide) and average 12 inches in length.
  • Dahlias come in a variety of colors: red, white, orange, pink, purple, bronze, dark red to black, Lavender, Bi-color, Variegated.
  • Dahlia average vase life: 7 days.
  • Dahlias require significant water intake for buds to bloom.

Gerbera (includes Standard Gerbera daisy and Mini Gerbera Daisy)

  • Available all year-round.
  • Flat bloom with round petals.
  • Flowers per stem: 1 bloom.
  • Bunch of Gerbera usually include 10 stems.
  • Sometimes Gerberas come with special cardboard to support the bloom.
  • Common colors: white, red, yellow, orange, pink and burgundy.
  • Average vase life: 5 days.
  • The bloom (the flower head) is very easy to snap off due to its weight and thin stem, please handle with care.
  • Standard Gerbera daisy: the bloom is 5 inches wide with the stem an average of 20 inches in length.
  • Mini Gerbera Daisy: the bloom is 3 inches wide with the stem an average of 15 inches in length.

Carnation flowers include standard and mini spray

  • We recommend you receive your flowers 3 days prior to your event.
  • Carnation meaning: health and love.
  • Available year-round.
  • Might take up to 48-60 hours for the bloom to fully open.
  • Any flower under the Carnation family is very long-lasting (compared to other fresh flowers).

Standard Carnation

  • Per stem: 1 bloom (2 inches wide) and average 20 inches in length.
  • Available in solid color and duo-tone.
  • Common colors: red, white, light yellow, pink, orange, green, lavender and burgundy.
  • Common duo-tone: orange and deep orange, white and purple, white and pink.
  • Grower’s bunch includes 25 stems.
  • Average vase life: 8-10 days.
  • Cut ½ inch every 3-4 days. 

Mini Spray Carnation

  • Flowers per stem: minimum 3-5 blooms (average bloom: 2 cm wide) and the average stem is 15 inches.
  • Common colors: red, white, light pink and yellow.
  • Bunch of Mini Spray Carnation usually contains 7-10 stems.
  • Average vase life: 8-10 days.
  • Cut ¼ inch every 3-4 days.

Care & Handling

Care and Handling Recommendations

On our Flowers shop

  • When we receive our flowers, they come in boxes. We inspect all our flowers and make sure they are up to our standard.
  • We cut all the stems and dip them in instant hydrating liquid before putting in water.
  • We do not process any of your flowers (cutting any leaves or thorns of roses).
  • We will take your flowers off from water right before they go out for delivery, you might find the delivery box little wet when you receive your flower.

Before you receive flowers

  • Make sure buckets/containers is clean, may wash with diluted dishwashing liquid or bleach, make sure raise well.

When you receive flowers

  • Fill your buckets/containers with at least 6 inches of fresh water.
  • We recommend using close to room temperature water or even slightly lukewarm water (Especially in winter).
  • Add the provided flower food to the water, follow the instruction of the package. Adding TOO MUCH flower food will make flowers wilt faster.
  • Remove all package and elastic bands.
  • Cut all leaves below the waterline to prevent bacteria growing in water which might cause premature wilting.
  • Cut the stems about 1 inch from the bottom at diagonally 45 angles to maximize water intake.
  • Immediate after cutting put flowers into the prepared water.
  • Make sure you are NOT over-crowded your bucket. Over-crowding may affect or damage the blooming flower.
  • Re-check on flowers after 3-4 hours, if the flower is drooping, RECUT the stem another 1 inch, it is possible the air bubble is formed inside the stem which blocking the water intake.
  • For ANY foliage, put them in FRESH water ONLY. Flower food will make foliage wilt faster.
  • Keep both flowers and foliage in cool (prefer darker) location. Please avoid any direct sunlight, wind drafts or heat and extreme temperatures.
  • Putting flowers in warm temperature will help flowers (especially roses and carnations) blooms quicker. Vice versa, putting flowers in cooler location will slow down the process.
  • Change water every 48 hours or when the water becomes cloudy.
  • Make sure your flowers will have sufficient water at ALL times.

For Roses

  • All roses are with guard petals attached, in order to protect during transportation. After removing the packaging cardboard, carefully remove any brown or discolored guard petals. This might up to 8 petals per rose.
  • Wear gardening gloves while handling since we do not remove any thorns on your roses before delivery.

For Hydrangea

  • Your hydrangea will arrive in buckets, NO need to recut after receiving. Just leave them in cooler temperature.
  • When re-cutting hydrangea, cut the bottom diagonally AND cut UP the stem vertically.
  • Hydrangea will drink an exceptionally large amount of water, please DO NOT over-crowded your buckets/ containers.

For all dye or tinted flowers

  • Your dye flowers will transfer its color to ANYTHING, please be careful when processing. It is normal that the water will be slightly tinted and just change to freshwater.


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