Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion Yellow

Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion Yellow is a great variety of flower to use as a filler and uplift the look of your bouquets/arrangements. Use it for DIY , or in a wedding  it gives a unique tinge making your arrangement mesmerizing. The bright yellow color cushions are long lasting and are perfect for all seasons (mostly in fall), giving a colorful touch. Chrysanthemums, sometimes referred to as poms, disbuds, and mums, are fantastic fillers or simple bouquets.

They last long and fresh up to 10-12 days and gives the best look till the last day. They are provided in bunches with 5–7 stems per bloom and come in four different types of bloom structures: daisy, cushion, button, and spider/anastasia.

Chrysanthemum Cushion has gained a lot of popularity in DIY flower setups since it is a very beautiful color on fall arraignments. In most instances, these flowers are used as fillers but still can serve as the secondary flowers. Those have many stems that have numerous blooms of different shapes and sizes, hence making it perfect for adding rich volume and texture to your bouquet and centerpieces in fall colors. It looks elegant with just any flowers and can be ideal for any kind of function underway.

Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion Yellow is the ideal arrangement for your event underway. If you employ this flower, your wedding and bouquet are guaranteed to evoke the wow feeling among your guests. This flower Chrysanthemum Spray Cushion Yellow does not only add volume but pure perfection to the floral arrangement. It can serve as filler or the main feature in the centerpiece or bouquet. It has many blooms of small symmetrical flowers on each stem.