Coontie Fern Greenery- 5 Bunches

The Coontie Fern Greenery has featherlike leaves that feel stiff and look glossy and are attached to a thick and hardy stem. This greenery looks like a Palm leaf and will add an exotic look and flair to any flower arrangement you like to design.

If you are keen on floral styling DIY projects, then this green is a perfect complement to many other fillers and greeneries such as Magnolia Greenery, Israeli Ruscus and Aspidistra Green. Fillers such as the Yellow Solidago, Bells of Ireland and Limonium Flowers. Make sure to get all your greens and fillers as bulk flowers for the cheapest market prices.

Many brides love to include the Coontie Fern Greenery in their wedding flowers and wedding arrangments. They are a great show-stopped when added to wedding centerpieces and bridal floral arrangements. Your family and guests will be very impressed with the floral looks this exotic green will help you create.

This green is also your best friend if you love to make DIY flower design arrangments. If you need to increase the size and bulk of your centerpieces, make sure to use the Coontie Fern Greenery. Because of their height as well as long leaves, the Coontie Fern will add extra length and size to any flower arrangement and centerpiece.

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