Cottage Bouquet

            If you are looking for some economic floral thank you gift then let us allow to present you this precious cottage bouquet, also available at GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill, which you can present to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and others. This whimsical and breathtaking flower arrangement is the combination of purple-blue iris flowers, purple statice flowers, yellow roses, golden chrysanthemum flowers, and some greenery. All of these flowers are tied up and placed in a clear glass vase that gives it an outstanding look. The best thing about this thank you gift is the richness of its colors and its cost, which is very low and reasonable as compared with other floral gifts.

People who need this cottage bouquet:

            In cottage bouquet purple-blue Iris flowers represent wisdom, compliment, hope, and royalty. Similarly, purple statice flowers are a symbol of memories, sympathy, and success. While yellow roses and golden chrysanthemums are the symbols of joy, delight, sunshine, friendship, and optimism. So you can present this thank you gift to the following:

  • To your best friend on friendship day to say thank you for his/her presence in your life.
  • On mother’s and father’s day to your mother and father to represent your love for them.
  • It will be a great present when you will present it to your teacher/coach on teacher’s/coach’s day to say thank you for their guidance in your education and sports life.
  • This gift will fill the hearts of your grandparents with happiness and joy when they will receive this gift from you on grandparent’s day.
  • To your colleagues, seniors, and boss to create a friendly, positive and happy working environment at the workplace.
  • You can also celebrate the spring season with your partner by presenting this gift to him/her.
  • To your loved ones on New year’s eve.

Cottage bouquet and home decoration:                                                       

            Cottage bouquet can also be used for home decoration. You can place this beautiful bouquet in your living room and bedroom. You can also make centrepieces for dining tables. It is an apt centrepiece on a tabletop for a sunny garden party.  You can place this flower arrangement near the artwork that matches its colors. There are many more decoration ideas. You can further consult with our professional florists with regard to decoration ideas and arrangements. So don’t hesitate to buy this cottage bouquet. If you want to see some more thank you gifts than give us the honor of your presence at Yonge Flower shop, Richmond Hill, ON or visit our website TorontoBulkflower.   

Approximately. 15″H x 12″W.