Cymbidium Orchid in a Vase

When you want simplicity and elegance in one arrangement you can look at the cymbidium orchid in a vase. The funnel-shaped, clear crystal vase has the orchid inside, blooming and looking beautiful. This glorious flower is strong as other orchids are, but it somehow fits into the vase and looks beautiful. If you would like a captivating arrangement, but not one that is fussy or colorful, then you can definitely choose this one. It would be great for decorating a masculine space as it does not have the fanciness or flair of a floral arrangement, such as one that is made with roses.

Cymbidium orchids thrive better in cooler climates, they are also known as boat orchids and are commonly used for decorating offices. The graceful bloom can be placed in any area but works best in a sophisticated setting, such as an office or a home. Not just any office or home, but one that is tastefully decorated. The boat leaves are packed into the cylindrical, transparent vase with the bloom shooting towards the top of the vase. It has a peaceful look about it that will be obvious to the owner. Blooming orchids signify peace and elegance, but this one is also a symbol of virtue.

You can add a festive look to this already beautiful arrangement, but adding accessories to the spot, but that is really not necessary as this will impact the beauty that you need. Orchids that are green is said to bring blessings and great fortune. They also represent nature; they are exotic and can be used in a garden setting or in your decorating efforts. If you have muted colors in the area you wish to use it then the green will add just the touch of elegance that you are looking for. The most exciting thing to see is the budding stem of an orchid plant; it is charming and can add cheer to any setting.

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