Daffodil Flower

Blooming daffodil flower signal the arrival of spring, but not only that they also show that it is a time of happiness and glee. They are hardy and they grow in many regions of the world, but mostly in North America where it is colder. The bulbs of daffodils can be planted in the fall, so for them to begin blooming in late-winter up to early spring, you would have to plant them in the autumn season. Regular daffodil flowers are a beautiful yellow or white and have six petals with a corona in the center shaped like a trumpet. When you order you can get a bunch with 10 stems.

If you order your daffodils for an arrangement, you can also use them for planting and they go great between existing shrubs, or along a border. One great way to see the beauty of your daffodil flowers is when you use them in a woodland setting or a large area. They are some of the most beautiful cut flowers that exist today and they are planted by the buds in hundreds. Daffodils are said to be the birth flower for March and they are symbolic of having a high regard or high esteem, for a person.

If you are thinking of buying cut daffodil flowers, then you should buy them as bulk flowers. After you have received them, you can leave some in a vase and put the other types in a bucket, with an adequate amount of space so they are not crowded. Never place them with other types of flowers, as their stems have a secretion that causes the other flowers to wilt prematurely. If you have several, then soak them by themselves and place the others in a separate bucket. They would have to be added last to an arrangement that has other types of flowers. The sap of daffodil flowers is also potent as it is known to irritate the skin and cause allergies.