The Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia, an indoor office or house plant hails from tropical America and it’s an easy indoor houseplant to grow. Although the tropical shrub wants a lot of light and warmth, it doesn’t want direct sunlight as it’s leaves can become scorched.

Also known as Dumb Cane

If it is happy in its spot, indoor house plants like these will provide you with lush leaves in shades of cream, white and yellow. They’re referred to by their common name – Dumb Cane. The name comes from the fact that the plant’s sap is somewhat poisonous and ingesting the sap can cause pain and a numbing affect around the mouth, making it difficult to talk.

If the leaves of your Dieffenbachia become brown on the tips, the air may be too dry and to remedy this you might want to move it to a spot where there is more moisture. A well-lit bathroom could be a good solution.

Caring for your Dieffenbachia

  • Make sure the pot where your Dieffenbachia will grow has quality potting mix.
  • These plants want to be watered regularly. Allow to dry out before next watering. They will have more water in the summer than during the cooler winter months.
  • They won’t like it if you let the temperature get too cold – certainly never lower than 10°C or it will silently object.
  • Avoid cold draughts.
  • Dieffenbachia is available in different species but some of the larger ones can grow to 5 feet tall and quite broad too so you will want to repot. You can repot at any time of the year.

Buy your office plants Toronto from a reliable source and wipe the large leaves to keep your potted Dieffenbachia free of dust and attractive.

Approximate 29″ H