Dracaena Plant – Also Known As The Song Of India

The Dracaena plant, also known as Pleomele or the Song of India, originates in Madagascar and some Indian Ocean Islands. The plant name originates from the word dracaena, which means a female dragon; this is because it contains a red resin that is likened to the blood of a dragon.

The Dracaena plant is a popular ornamental plant, suitably grown for both outdoors and indoors ornamental purposes. The plant has glossy leaves and beautifully colored patterns, which makes it a good choice for indoor plants. In addition,  plant care of Dracaena is relatively simple which makes it a favorite for flower lovers.

Care of Dracaena plant:

  • The Dracaena prefers indoor light that is filtered, i.e., through a sheered curtain placed in front of a window. An alternative would be to place the plant under a semi-shade area in an ideal location. These plants should never be exposed to direct sunlight; its foliage gets damaged by the rays.
  • The plant doesn’t require much water as compared to other indoor plants. These plants can be kept hydrated by using water to mist their leaves. The soil should be misted, not soggy, but properly drained. Overwatering the dracaena plant will make it rot.
  • Dracaena does well in temperatures ranging from 65 – 78℉ daytime or slightly lower during the night. Temperatures going below 55℉ aren’t favorable to these plants.
  • Dracaena isn’t as prone to serious disease or insect problems. However, you need to be watchful for scale, spider mites, and mealybugs. These can easily be contained by using pyrethrin.

Where to buy the Dracaena?

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