Dracaena Plants – Easy Going Plant

Plant-lovers fancy Dracaena plants as part of their potted-plant collection. The Dracaena is another easy-going plant that is undemanding in its requirements. These simple but attractive indoor plants come in different sizes.

They grow wild in Africa and surrounding islands as well as some growing in southern Asia and Central America. Some look like a small tree, complete with trunk, while others are more bush-like.

Take good care of yours, and you’ll have it around for a long time.

If you feed your Dracaena plants well, they will give you healthy leaf and stem growth during the summer months. If yours aren’t doing this, check out the soil, nutrition and water amounts.

Care of the Dracaena

  • The soil of the houseplant needs to be kept moist. The idea is to never over-water though. Doing so will simply produce yellow, pulpy leaves.
  • The plant needs to grow in well-draining soil.
  • Houseplant fertilization will be required. These plants should be fertilized with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. Also, follow directions on the packaging. The plant won’t need fertilizer in the Winter.
  • Grow your Dracaena plant in bright, filtered light. Room temperatures can be about 60-70°F. The plant just doesn’t want to get cold.

At Toronto Bulk Flowers, we’ve got Dracaena plants or trees with wonderful foliage, almost tropical-like. They store moisture in the trunk, so if the new indoor plants Toronto gardener is a bit forgetful with watering them, they’ve got this stored moisture to fall back on.

Some of the green or yellow leaves can even have a touch of pink on them, suiting every kind of interior style, whether you are getting these plants for office or home.

Tests have been done, and with a clean air study conducted by NASA, the plant is also a powerful air purifier. Get your houseplant or indoor Dracaena plants from us because, with such a good start with our nurturing, your Dracaena houseplant can reach up to 10 feet in height, looking good and performing an important function too.