Dracaena Reflexa Plant ‘Song of India’ Briefly explain the physical appearance of the Pleomele Reflexa, this plant is an indoor and ornamental plant with perennial leaves and thick stems, known for its spontaneous beauty in indoor arenas, our offices included. The colour of the leaves is what makes this plant so extraordinary. Have a look at it.

Why is this plant referred to as the “Song of India?”

Pleomele Reflexa has its origin in the countries neighbouring the Indian Ocean such as Mauritius, Mozambique, and Madagascar hence that name.

Describe the planting procedures involved in Pleomele Reflexa.

  • Use a potting mix that is well-draining to avoid root rot.
  • Dig a hole, place the plant inside and then cover gently.
  • Add some little water to the media since this plant requires infrequent watering.
  • Lastly, monitor the growth often and later transplant them. To determine if they are ready for transplantation, gently lift the plant together with the media from the pot. If the roots are widely spread, you can go ahead and transplant. Otherwise, give it ample time to grow.

List some of the grooming practices to care for this plant.

Maintenance practices

  • Irrigation

Pleomele Reflexas are known to be good at water storage hence irrigation should be infrequent.

  • Pruning

Trim to maintain a short plant and lessen competition for light and nutrients. Prune any overgrown leaves to your desired size.

What are some of the advantages of purchasing Toronto office Pleomele Reflexa?

Benefits of Pleomele Reflexa

  • First, they are sold at pocket friendly prices and available. Wholesale Pleomele Reflexa come at discounted prices or free delivery to our esteemed customers.
  • Secondly, their leaves have herbal benefits when mixed with other traditional plants and used to make herbal tea.
  • Finally, they are used to make fences in homesteads. They do make very beautiful hedges. Why construct a wall to serve as a fence when all you can do is simply get these beautiful plants from us for an entire lifetime beauty?

Approximately: 24″ h x 8″ pot