Dracaena Sanderiana – Bamboo

Dracaena sanderiana – Bamboo has a special spiral bamboo shape. We also have a bunch of varieties for bamboo plants. For that, you can contact us for further details. Mostly, they are grown hydroponically in water and they are potted in the soil. Approximately, their size is 28″ h x 10″w. Moreover, their container may vary.

What are the care instructions for dracaena sanderiana – Bamboo?

The necessary care instructions for dracaena sanderiana – Bamboo is as follows:

  • Light: These bamboo plants always prefer filtered and bright sunlight. We have to ignore direct sunlight because it will burn the plants’ leaves. They can bear low lights than too much light. If your plant leaves begin to stretch or they begin to fade, then you can provide more light to it.
  • Watering: This type of plant can grow in a simple decent vase that is filled with pebbles or an inch of water would be enough. However, it is too delicate because of chemicals like chlorine and others, which are found in tap waters.
  • We have to water these plants only with distilled, bottled water or that tap water which you leave for 24 hours so that chlorine can evaporate from it. Their healthy roots are always red, so don’t need to get panic if you see red roots in a vase. Most importantly, you have to change its water weekly.
  • Temperature:This indoor plant prefers warm temperatures between 18ºC to 32ºC. We cannot place this plant in the direct contact of heating vents and air conditioning.
  • Potting Media: To sum up, these plants can be grown in rich potting and well-drained soil. Do not keep its soil soaking; only keep its soil moist.
  • Fertilizer: Plants which we grow in water, they only require their feeding every other month.

Therefore, your dracaena plant will be delivered on your desired date via flower delivery Canada throughout the greater Toronto area.