Dracaena Sunshine

Origin of a popular dracaena sunshine houseplant is in Madagascar and other Oceans of Indian island. The plant name origin comes from the Greek’s ancient word drakaina or “female dragon”. It is also used for photoengraving and varnish. This spectacular plant is also called “the Song of India and Pleomele”. Moreover, it is a tremendously common specie of dracaena.

It is a famous house ornamental plant. Further, they are both grown outdoors and indoors in the climate of subtropical. It reaches a height of around three feet indoors. It also has a look of the bushy type of tree. Its glossy leaves can grow up to one foot long and a couple of inches wide.  Approximately, its size is 50” H x 10″.

It is one of the most striking visual houseplants. Its leaves are the main attraction of its beauty. Yellow stripes are featured on the narrow points of the houseplant leaves. These dracaenas are adaptable house plants which thrive in partial shady outdoor areas or indoors such as a patio. On the other hand, this wonderful plant is South America’s native to the tropical region.

What are the care instructions for dracaena Sunshine?

Care of dracaena reflexa is actually simple as they can also survive a certain amount of carelessness. Above all of it, indoor plants assist us in the purification of the air we inhale or exhale. Few steps of its care are as follow:

  • Temperature: Its typical acceptable temperature for indoor area is above 65 degrees.
  • Fertilizers: We should fertilize these plants monthly in summer and spring with a well-adjusted fertilizer that contains macro-nutrients. Moreover, we should fertilize this plant in every six-eight weeks in winter and fall.
  • Light: This office plant require filtered light for indoor areas or a location that has a semi-shade spot is perfect. For example, they can get their indirect sunlight through a sheer curtain in front of a window for sunlight. Therefore, we should never ever put this plant in direct sunlight.