Dracena Deremensis – Indoor Plants

Another name for the Dracena Deremensis is Janet Craig Dracaena. This is an attractive flowering plant that can be successfully grown indoors in a container.

The leaves are spiky green foliage.  It’s a hardy plant and with the right conditions, it can reach 10 feet in height.  In the wild, like tropical plants, they thrive in warmth. In fact, they are native to Africa where they are used to growing in sunshine and warmth.

In return for being content, the Dracena Deremensis will produce beautiful green leaves for you and be lush and healthy, it is great to have them in the house.

How to care for the Dracena Deremensis

  • This sort of tropical plant likes standard potting soil that won’t be too soggy. If you have a drip-tray under the pot, empty it as soon as the water has all drained through after a watering.
  • When watering, try to use non-fluoridated water as the plant is sensitive to fluoride and salts. It also prefers the water it receives to be cool to warm instead of cold.
  • When the humidity is low such as in the wintertime, you can use a spray bottle and spray in a mist-like fashion over the leaves.
  • The plant will require repotting once the root ball fills the pot. Make sure the new pot is bigger than the one the indoor plant has just had.
  • The best light conditions for this plant are bright, indirect light. It doesn’t like the cold so make sure the night-time temperatures don’t fall below 50°F.
  • You can fertilize the plant during its growing time. A slow-release fertilizer can be good for this plant.

Make sure you get your Dracena Deremensis from a reputable source such as us here at Toronto Bulk Flowers. When you take delivery of your plant, it’s in a healthy state and the fact that it arrives intact will ensure the hardy plant quickly adapts to your surroundings.