Esperance Roses  – 50 cm

The Bulk Rose Esperance Roses are some of the top-selling fresh cut bulk flowers because of their unique and multi-tinted shades of pink. They are very popular with brides and chosen regularly as wedding flowers, when seasonally available. These beautiful roses are light creamy pink with a touch of yellow or green gradually increasing on the outside petals. Although you can find them in a verity of different shades of pink and yellow, therefore you will be impressed of their versatility to match and complement many floral arrangements and decors.

This beautiful rose easily matches wonderfully with Carnation Assorted Fancy, Chrysanthemum Single Spider Anastasia Lavender. Esperance Roses can easily fill up space in an arrangement and act as volumizers and plump up any floral look and design. They are perfect to include in wedding flowers because of their beautiful light and romantic color. You can include them in hair pieces and headbands for everyone including the bride, bridesmaids, and the flower girls. They are perfect for decorating bridal or baby shower flower arrangements.

Lovely Roses

You don’t have to limit the use of these versatile roses for only wedding flowers. If you love doing DIY flower arranging projects, make sure to get the Esperance Roses as bulk flowers. Buy them along with the complementing fillers and greens for the most affordable prices. You can take advantage of the yellow tint in this flower. Include them in baby shower flower arrangements when the parents want to keep the gender of the baby a secret.

Alternatively, use more pinkish shaded Bulk Rose Esperance Roses in baby girl showers and bridal showers. You can also use them as a gift for little girls or young women. Buying them as wholesale flowers gives you the freedom to get creative with your flower designing. Contact Toronto Bulk Flowers for the best advice for do-it-yourself flower arranging project and for great price quotes.