Exotic Flowers Casket Spray

Lay your loved one to rest with this beautiful Exotic Flowers Casket Spray. It is well known that vibrant colours help elevate the moods of those who encounter them, so let the Exotic Flowers Casket Spray help in bringing joy to such an important day. This colourful and tasteful arrangement adds bright hues and joy to any wake and/or funeral service,  therefore lightening the mood of an otherwise heartbreaking day.

This elegant, yet vibrant floral arrangement adds a lightness and beauty that could only amplify that of your loved one.

The Exotic Flowers Casket Spray is an elegant way to lay your loved one to rest, while also adding tasteful pops of colour in tropical tones. The arrangement includes roses in varying shades of pink, purple, and white, white peonies, as well as hydrangeas, and greenery that aids in tying the look together.

The Exotic Flowers Casket Spray Includes:

This arrangement is able to be customized with a variety of flowers and colours.

  • pink roses
  • purple roses
  • white roses
  • white spider
  • commercial mum flowers
  • cushion daisy flowers
  • pink flowers
  • lilium flowers
  • green chrysanthemum
  • exotic greenery

Get Exotic Flowers Casket Spray Hand-Delivered!

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is stressful as it is, so let us help lessen the load. We are able to provide a delivery service to funerals and wakes as a way to help with the overall stress of preparing a funeral.

We can help you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area with our same-day delivery. Whether you name Scott Funeral Homes, or Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens & Chapel, we can deliver at these chapels and funeral homes on the same day. Some of the famous chapels and funeral homes are as follow:

  • Chapel Ridge Funeral Home
  • Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home
  • Highland Funeral Home
  • Ward Funeral Home-Weston Chapel
  • Elgin Mills Cemetery and Chapel
  • and many more!

Please feel free to ask about our delivery services and we will try to accommodate your needs.

We deliver on the same day as the service and are a quick and painless service that is able to help you on such a meaningful day.

Approximately Size, 40″ W x 25″ H