Farewell Yellow Flowers Casket Spray

Whether there is an open or closed casket, grace your loved ones with a beautiful and elegant Farewell Yellow Flowers Casket Spray for their final send-off. This sophisticated floral arrangement beautifully adorns your loved one, and because we know that you only want the best for family member, we are sure to deliver that on such an important day.

This arrangement is both complimentary and calming with its subtle beauty. The Farewell Yellow Flowers Casket Spray contains long stemmed white lilies, as well as a variety of yellow flowers in varying shades, all of which are beautifully encompassed in lush green foliage. The combination of yellow, white, and green is tasteful and bright, adding light to an otherwise dark time.  While the loss of any loved one may be incredibly difficult, floral arrangements such as the Farewell Flower casket spray aid in giving the beautiful, yet graceful final goodbye.

The Farewell Yellow Flower Casket Spray Includes:

This arrangement is able to be customized with a variety of flowers and colours.

  • long-stemmed white lilies
  • gladioli flowers
  • commercial mum or cushion daisy
  • chrysanthemum (cushion mum)
  • roses
  • tall flowers
  • exotic greenery

Get Farewell Yellows Flowers Casket Spray, hand Delivered!

The ability of not having to worry about small details such as floral arrangements on such a big day is gift that we are happy to give. This takes some of the stress off of you, while focusing on the mourning process.

This graceful and tasteful floral arrangement adds colour to a dark time. Overall, helping with the mourning process.

We are able to hand deliver your Farewell Yellow Flower Casket Spray to

  • Steeles Memorial Chapel
  • Modest Cremation
  • Benisasia Funeral Home
  • Marshall Funeral Home
  • Cummer Burial Grounds
  • Elgin-Mills Cemetery

on the same day  on the day of the funeral service.

Our delivery service is quick, efficient, and discreet, therefore making the process painless.

Approximately 38″ W x 20″ H