Fiberglass Indoor Container Pot

Fiberglass indoor container pot is lightweight, weather-resistant, durable and maintenance-free. They can outlive those planters which are made from any other material. Therefore, you can get one for your home, garden, patio or for any other your desired indoor place as well. Toronto Bulk Flowers offers the best indoor plant pots for all occasions. Measurement of this fiberglass pot is as follows:

Height: 48 CM – 9”

Width: 42 CM – 16.5”

How is fiberglass indoor container pot made?

The making of fiberglass indoor plant containers begins with molding. First, we mix the resins and then we pour them into the mold and then we brush the molded walls.

Then we place fiberglass sheets in the mold over the layer of resin to give the planter a proper structure.

Then after that, a chemical reaction will occur: resin and fiberglass will harden and then they will get warmed up.

We will take the planter out of mold after 24 hours.

Then it will get painted, cleaned and sanded.

Pebbles, gravel or marbles works as a barrier for fiberglass indoor pot. These pots do not hold any water. If you want to use the gravel without drainage in a single pot, then before adding topsoil, you can pour gravel of 2-inch layer into pots bottom.

In addition, you can feel free to ask our skilled professionals as well to make any changes by adding or removing any other color container or any different type of container. On the other hand, your fiberglass indoor container pot will be hand delivered to your home or offices by Toronto Bulk Flowers,  we have delivery Canada throughout the greater Toronto area.