Ficus Benjamina

Known commonly as the weeping fig, the Ficus Benjamina is a popular indoor house plant. This indoor plant is part of the Ficus plant genus and is like a tree in many ways.

It looks attractive indoors and is also the official tree of Bangkok. Of the office plants you get, this is one of the taller ones, and in its natural state it can reach over 90 feet tall. Certainly, when grown indoors, the plant will require pruning to keep it below the 6 ft range.

The plant has slender branches and it grows large, broad leaves.  It is sought after for growing as a houseplant in homes and offices as it tolerates low light conditions that are found in office interiors. It will do well in bright indirect light. The Weeping fig is also one of the best indoor plants for improving air quality indoors.

Caring for the Ficus Benjamina:

  • Your Ficus Benjamina will grow easily in a container with a soil-based potting soil mix. The soil should be fast-draining.
  • During their growing season, they should be watered well, but during the winter season they can be allowed to become drier.
  • Never allow your plant to sit in water lest it develops root rot. Keep your watering schedule consistent.
  • You can give your Ficus Benjamina a treat by taking the pot outdoors for a bit during the summer and then bringing it indoors again.
  • They’re tropical plants and won’t do well indoors when the temperature drops below 70°. It likes high humidity and you can mist the plant’s leaves occasionally.
  • The Ficus Benjamina will require fertilizer during the growing season. Water-soluble and liquid fertilizers are a good choice for these plants. Always read the labels on how to apply fertilizer.

Make sure you buy your Ficus Benjamina from a reliable source so that you have every success with growing it in your home or office.

8 inch pot