Ficus Lyrata – Indoor Green Plant

There is another name for the beautiful Ficus Lyrata plant – fiddle-leaf fig. This flowering plant is from Western Africa, growing naturally in rainforest environments.

In fact, in the wilds, this is actually a tree with big, glossy leaves which are dark green. It makes a popular container plant for the office or home. As an indoor plant, it will require trimming and shaping as well as re-potting.

Caring for the Ficus Lyrata

  • The plant won’t appreciate dim lighting. It wants bright, filtered light, achieved with having sheer-type curtains.
  • The Ficus Lyrata comes from tropical rainforest environments so it will want its soil to be kept fairly moist. This will require watering it about 2 or 3 times a week. As with most indoor plants, you don’t want to leave water standing in the saucer below the pot.
  • Soil is important for the Ficus Lyrata so as to allow for good drainage and moisture. It will arrive with good house plant soil in the container, but if you re-pot, choose good house plant or potting soil.
  • For re-potting, hold the plant upright, putting soil around the base of the container. Gently compact the soil around the root ball.
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees can battle with root rot, so make sure your container has drainage – container with drainage holes, and preferably gravel at the bottom to keep the root ball dry.
  • Fertilizing the Ficus Lyrata requires a good liquid fertilizer and diluting it so as to avoid the possibility of over-feeding. Always follow the instructions on the packaging. You’ll see that it isn’t necessary to feed your plant during the Winter.

Houseplants do us good. They provide us with peace and they freshen the air while eliminating harmful toxins. Make sure you get yours from a reliable source such as Toronto Bulk Flowers to ensure they’re happy, healthy plants.