Floral tape stem wrap is an essential tool for florists and flower enthusiasts alike. Made from a stretchable, self-adhesive material, this tape is specifically designed to secure and protect delicate flower stems. The tape adheres to itself, providing a strong hold that keeps flowers in place without damaging their delicate petals or stems. Floral tape stem wrap is available in a variety of colors to match any floral arrangement. Florists use it to create intricate designs and patterns. Whether you’re creating a beautiful bouquet or arranging flowers for a special occasion, floral tape stem wrap is a must-have item for any florist or flower lover.

What are the features of this floral tape stem wrap?

Some of the key features of this stem wrap includes the following:

  1. Self-adhesive –  Floral tape  sticks to itself, making it easy to use and ensuring a strong hold on flower stems.
  2. Stretchable: The tape is stretchable, allowing it to conform to the shape of the stem and provide extra support.
  3. Not waterproof: Floral tape is not waterproof, which means you should not use it for flower arrangements, involving water or other liquids.
  4. Versatile: Florists use it to wrap individual stems or to bind multiple stems together, making it ideal for creating bouquets or floral arrangements.
  5. Available in different colors: This comes in a range of colors. This thing makes it easy to match the tape to the color of the flowers or to create colorful designs.
  6. Easy to use: Floral tape stem wrap is simple to use and requires no special skills or tools. This makes it ideal for both professional florists and DIY flower enthusiasts.

What are the main uses of this tape?

Floral tape is commonly used to wrap the stems of flowers when making corsages and boutonnieres. This is because it provides a secure hold while still allowing the flowers to look natural and delicate. Moreover, it is useful for creating arrangements or adding finishing touches to bouquets or centerpieces. The tape holds everything securely in place and keep every stem and bloom tidy and update. With a range of colors available, you can choose the perfect match for your flowers. So why wait? Try floral tape today and take your flower arrangements to the next level!

Approximate size of each: 1/2 Inch x 30 Yards