Flowers – Mini Cake Décor

Flowers – mini cake décor is an actual cake, which is a feast for eyes as well as for the stomach. However, cakes are for sharing to eat and to celebrate your events rather than just displaying to remark special occasions.

There is no denying in the skills required in making a hand-painted masterpiece, the product of ingredients we use for decorating the cake is important to lessen the decorating time. We also maintain an intricate level of detail and guarantees a tasteful experience of eating. Currently, our major cake trends are cake topper flowers.

What are the guidelines to follow while making flowers – mini cake décor?

If you follow these simple guidelines, then it is safe if you want to use fresh flowers on your wedding cake:

  • You should strictly use fresh flowers for decoration purposes. Flowers that are grown commercially are treated with fertilizers or pesticides and they are not fit for any consumption.
  • The most important thing is that there should be a barrier between the cake and the flowers. Because of this reason, fresh flowers are more suitable for the icing of the wedding cakes. If our professional florists are designing your cake toppers, then we will take care to ensure that your blooms do not come in contact with the cake.
  • Moreover, we should never ever push stems of the flowers in the cake. If your cake flowers have been transported into water, then it’s possible they might have soaked up bacteria or chemicals which you don’t want to transfer to your wedding cake at all.
  • You have to make sure of removing the flowers from the cake before serving and cutting it.

Now a days, cake decorators have several approaches to promptly cope up with the trend. Moreover, the fastest way for cake decoration is to use real and fresh flowers to vividly and truly reflect the beauty of nature. Moreover, this cake design will make your event shine throughout the ceremony.