Mother Nature has many ways to appease us. Scenic panoramas featuring mountains clad with snow, waterfalls, streams and valleys ornamented with diverse exquisite flowers have a mollifying effect on human nature. To cater to the aesthetic needs of humans the local florists Etobicoke are proud to present the wondrous nature bouquet. The very first look of this gorgeously looking bouquet will take you into the realms of heaven. It will act as a catalyst to boost your mood positively. A crown of a king ornamented with floral gems to bring happiness and joy to the faces of its receiver. So what are you waiting for? Order today and send it along with some basket gift to your loved ones. We will deliver it anywhere in GTA on the same day through Toronto flower delivery and same-day flower delivery Etobicoke.

The flowers used in the wondrous nature bouquet:

            The local florists Etobicoke has used the following awe-inspiring and long-lasting blooms in this bouquet.

  • Stargazer lilies of pink color.
  • Blue iris flowers.
  • White daisies.
  • Peach colored mini carnations.
  • Purple statice flowers.
  • Yellow solidago.
  • Lastly, leather leaf greenery.

All of these flowers have been arranged in a triangular symmetry wherein the Stargazer lilies are at the center. Whereas other flowers are arranged around these star-shaped blooms in a round whitewash basket.

The meaning of flowers in the wondrous nature bouquet:

  • The star-shaped blooms of stargazer lilies symbolize purity, loyalty, admiration, and abundance.
  • Similarly, the traditional white daisies convey the message of innocence and purity.
  • Whereas, the blue iris flowers stand for faith, courage, admiration, and hope.
  • The purple color stands for royalty, nobility, beauty, and wealth. So the purple statice flowers are complementing the beauty of other flowers in this bouquet.

It would not be out of place to state that holistically this bouquet symbolizes loyalty, faith, admiration, hope, and beauty.

So send today this wondrous nature bouquet to your loved ones through Toronto flower delivery and flower delivery Etobicoke in the GTA and Etobicoke district, respectively. We are also offering 10% off on this bouquet as well as on the following bouquets.