Color Your Day With Happiness Bouquet – FTD

For the upcoming mother’s day, you can give your mom a great gift with the color your day with happiness bouquet. Show your mom just how much she is loved, or how important she is to you, or both. The bouquet is made up of radiant, fragrant pink roses, asters, lush greens and other flowers, which create this beautiful masterpiece. A bold, pink quart-sized bucket covered in decorative paint complements the flowers and gives the bouquet an artfully arranged look. The flowers are long-lasting, expressive and artistic. The regal blooms are beautiful and the combination is a masterpiece. You can definitely color her day with happiness and beauty with this bouquet.

This is great not only for mothers but when it is given as a romantic gesture for that special someone.  The aluminum bucket gives the bouquet a rustic look, so it would also be great for use in a garden setting, or in the outdoors. These are not seasonal flowers, they are available when you order them if not, they can be pre-ordered to arrive at the time you wish to receive them. The color your day with happiness bouquet is a keepsake and should be treated as such. You can select your colors, buy them as wholesale flowers, or get the one that is similar to that displayed on the website. The flowers look sensational and are of great sentimental value. 

If you choose to add it to your garden area then you will be sure to get admiring looks from those who come in close proximity to this arrangement. If you are thinking of using it in another way then you can decorate with a neutral color and use it to accentuate the spot. The contrast will be striking but in a beautiful and colorful way.