FTD Valentines Day Flower Bouquets

Are you looking for some uniqueness in the rose bouquet? So, you have come to the right place. Let us have the honor to present you the most unique FTD Valentine’s Day flower bouquets. the greenery used in the arrangement make it a unique rose floral gift for Valentine’s Day. This floral arrangement is the true embodiment of your deep and passionate love made by florists of Yonge flower shop, Richmond Hill. So that you may avail the luxury of same-day delivery through Toronto flower delivery for the Greater Toronto Area.

The making of FTD Valentine’s Day flower bouquets:

  • A dozen fully bloomed red roses conveying the message of love, romance, care, beauty and happiness to your darling.
  • Pittosporum leaves which are commonly known as Cheesewood leaves.
  • Secondly, the Salal leaves, commonly known as lemon leaves.
  • A simple clear glass vase having metallic gold base stamped with a honeycombed design.

The foliage of these leaves  giving a look of mini garden breaming with a dozen of bloomed red roses. The ravishing thing in this floral arrangement is the clear glass vase having a metallic gold base.

Things you can do with FTD Valentine’s Day flower bouquets on this Valentine’s Day:

  • Make this day the most special one for your sweetheart by using creative ways and utilizing all resources available.
  • You can personalize this bouquet by adding a love letter written by you with your handwriting. This will demonstrate your care and love.
  • However, some people make simple, attractive and lovely crafts for their love.  So it is advisable to add some prepared crafts, which are available at Yonge flower shop, to this floral arrangement.
  • Lastly, you can send these flowers along with a box of chocolate and Teddy on the chocolate day and Teddy day.
  • The red roses are timeless. So, we can present red roses on any occasion of our choice relating to love, beauty, romance, and intimacy.

 However, At the GTA flower shop, we have a bunch of other flowers which you can also present to your Valentine on Valentine’s Day. You can also choose from

Approximately 18″ H x 15″ W