Funeral and Sympathy flowers have been a tradition for ages. It is considered an integral part of the funeral process and shows support to the bereaved family. However, sometimes it gets difficult when you don’t know either to choose Funeral Flower White and Pink Package or a plain white cross with a base of lush greens. This is why we are trying to answer a few questions, going to help you next time you plan to buy flowers for funerals.

Are Funeral flowers different than Sympathy flowers?

Yes, Funeral Flowers are being sent to a funeral home directly to give tribute to the deceased. While, on the other hand, sympathy flowers are being sent to the deceased family to show your condolence and support.

What are the types of arrangement and which one is most appropriate?

There are different types of funeral home flowers arrangements:

  • Standing sprays & wreaths (Funeral service)
  • Floral bouquet (Funeral service)
  • Sympathy bouquet and plants (for home)
  • Casket sprays (Funeral service)
  • Floral and fruit gift baskets (for home)

So, it totally depends on your choice where you want to send flowers. Choose your arrangement type accordingly, as Funeral Flowers White and Pink Package can be a good idea.

Funeral Flower White and Pink Packages:

Pink and white color flowers are associated with certain ideas and symbolism such as purity. The sympathy flower arrangement in this color scheme may include but limited to sprays, wreaths, casket, bouquet, and baskets.

Now if we talk about flowers, every flower type represents a different meaning even meaning varied due to some cultural change and beliefs. Traditionally, in some cultures, white flowers represent mourning and death. While white and pink flowers symbolize these:

Flowers White Pink
Carnation Innocence Gratitude
Roses Everlasting love Feminism, sweetness
Lilies Purity & support Love, admiration
Gladioli Innocence and purity Motherly love

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Sympathy Flowers Standing Spray BFP103-19

Sympathy Flowers – Casket  BFP103-18

Funeral Flowers White and Pink – Wreath BFP103-21

Sympathy Flowers – Pink and White Arrangement BFP103-22