Garden Centerpieces For Weddings

Having an outdoor celebration calls for the planning of creative ideas. You need decorations to make the surroundings as cozy and pleasant as you can.  If you’re hosting a tea party, you’re definitely going to bring out your finest china set so why not pair it with a gorgeous centerpiece or several small garden centerpieces to add some elegance?

Where to buy garden centerpieces in Toronto is always a head-scratcher as there are so many flower stores around, so let me point you in the right direction. If you’re looking to buy garden-fresh flowers visit your local florist at Toronto bulk flowers. They have a broad range of flowers to choose from.

Perfect floral arrangement with perfect centerpieces

A flower arrangement is perfect for every occasion and a party outside is no surprise. You can create classy garden centerpieces for your table by using spray roses, orchids, chrysanthemums and adding fillers such as Limonium or curly willow. Adding candles and plants such as ficus, ivy plant or bamboo palm for more greenery in the garden is also a good idea. These plants and flowers are readily available at Toronto wholesale flowers and can be delivered to your doorway anytime.

Succulents can also make great garden centerpieces are they are fairly easy to care for and arrange. To add a personal touch, you can DIY a container for them by simply painting a wooden flower box a bright color and wrapping a bow around it made out of ribbons. If you’re not a fan of DIY tasks, pots and containers can be picked up from wholesale flowers Toronto. This kind of centerpiece may be minimalistic but it still makes a statement and adds chic to your table.

To take your outdoor party to the next level, DIY a flower wall. Now, it may sound complicated but if you put in a little effort, the end result will be an aesthetically pleasing place for all your guests to take pictures for their Instagram. Peonies combined with different colors of hydrangea and carnation would be perfect for this project. You can visit your local flower shop in Toronto and buy cheap fresh flowers in bulk from bulk flowers Toronto.