Car Décor Flowers

Car décor flowers consist of a beautiful collection of fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids and lavender roses. They form an attractive bouquet at the center of a 12-foot red and white dendrobium orchid garland for draping on the back of the car. Approximately, its size is 25″ H x 18″ W. Moreover, you can also add astonishing garland flowers to your wedding car if you want your arrival and departure during the wedding ceremony in style.

There are plenty of reasons for loving wedding garlands. We can create a garland to work with any of the themes you want to decorate your wedding car. Further, this wonderful floral garland can bring style to your car décor. You can craft garlands from wedding flowers, or you can also make them yourself.

Similarly, garlands at weddings also create great details and real impacts. In short, these wedding car decoration flowers are the best wedding car decorations for all the seasons, so get your pins set as we also share our wonderful ideas with you.

How many parts of the cars can we decorate with car décor flowers?

Perhaps, your wedding is planned as a glamorous celebration, where this stylish car not only perfectly fits into your theme, but it also advocates convenient transportation as well.
Similarly, our whole garland is flexible enough to be arranged in a well-designed pattern along the contour of the car hood on top.

We can decorate parts of wedding cars in the following ways by using car décor flowers. You can tie the floral garland with a wrapping of the floral tape on:

  • Bonnet
  • Door
  • Trunk
  • Bumper
  • Roof

We can customize our garlands to any sort of length which you desire by our customers. Further, if you have a particular garland in your mind that you don’t see here, then we can make a special garland exactly according to your demand just for you.