Golden Pothos Plant

Our golden Pothos plant is one of the most well-known house plants for their easy care and versatility. Golden Pothos have green and yellow variegation. Moreover, they make themselves famous as well as easily recognizable in various settings. This wonderful plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy.

Naturally, they are found from the forest of Southeast Asia to the West Pacific. Classically, it is one of the strongest fast-growing climbers. Further, these plants will flourish as outdoor and indoor plants, partial shade, or in full sun, climbers or houseplants. Meanwhile, they also require little watering as well.

How can we take care of golden pothos plant?

Taking care of basic pothos is tremendously easy. These wonderful pothos plants have the ability to enjoy the environments wide range. These plants work very well in indirect bright light and in low light. Further, they can grow in vases of water or in dry soil.

They thrive in rich nutrients soil, but it also does very well in poor nutrient soil. These plants are a great addition to your offices and in washrooms. They also have the ability to bear low light. Some of the points are as follows:

  • These plants prefer a wide range of light conditions.
  • Golden pothos plants do not work well in direct sunlight.
  • These plants are a lot famous because of the fact that they can grow in dry soil as well as in water.
  • We can take its cuttings from a mother plant. Further, they root themselves in water, and we keep them in water as house plants.
  • It will be convenient if we place this pothos plant in an area that is hard to reach. It can be a jug of water or anything else. They should remain untouched wherever you place them as long as water remains in that place.

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