Golden Pothos

Fondly referred to as the Goldie, the Golden Pothos is a popular houseplant as it has got cascading tendrils that give it a carefree, casual look. The Golden Pothos is also easy to care for and on top of that it is quietly purifying your air too as it is a NASA approved air-purifying plant.

Known also as Devils’s Ivy, the attractive trailing indoor house plant is a fairly fast grower but it is quite poisonous so be careful where you place it. Having said that, it won’t kill anyone, just cause a lot of discomfort. As it is, the pothos can reach 6 to 10 ft with heart-shaped waxy leaves.

It comes from the Island of Mo’orea in the Society Islands. Tropical indoor plants like this will make themselves at home in homes or offices because they are easy-going as well. You can even take a cutting from the main plant root it in water. If you’re new to growing indoor plants, this one won’t disappoint you.

Caring for Pothos Plants:

  • Office plants Toronto like this are adaptable to different environments, doing well in bright indirect light.
  • They do well in nutrient rich soil.
  • You can grow your Pothos in well-draining potting soil.
  • Fertilize your pothos plant about once every three months.
  • Allow the soil to dry out between watering as the plant doesn’t like soggy roots.
  • The Goldie may require re-potting every year. When you notice the leaves drooping regardless of whether you have watered it or not, it could mean the roots have filled the pot and need repotting with fresh potting soil.

Grow your pothos in a container that rests on a ledge so that it can cascade as it should, and have the wild, carefree look that it is so popular for.

Approximate Size: 46 inches tall, 10 inch pot