Green Dianthus

The Green Dianthus is very popular in many DIY flower arrangements due to its versatility and the uniqueness of the bloom. Though many times used as effective fillers.

It can also work as the focal point or the feature item in any floral arrangement setups, such as:

  • Wedding flowers designs
  • Centerpieces.

Green Dianthus is in a wide range of sizes and shapes bringing a bright green splash and rich texture to centerpieces and bouquets.

It looks elegant with any flower from:

  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids

All of which are readily available at Toronto Bulk Flowers.

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  • Wholesale flowers
  • Greenery

Event planners and wedding organizers love to impress guests by choosing the Green Dianthus in wedding flowers since it has a way of attracting their attention. If you have an event or occasion coming up, then you need to order this filler flower when you still have the time. Buying your fillers and greens as bulk flowers is the smartest way to go. This way you get the most affordable prices and the free reign to test your creativity in designing your flowers.

The Green Dianthus is more than just a flower, this frilly Green ball of petals is a green decorative filler.  Also commonly called the ‘Green Trick’ and the ‘Green Ball’.

This bulk fresh green filler has gained so much love from the DIY brides as it can be used for:

  • More than just one purpose in the wedding.
  • The Green Ball is great for filling up your bouquet in style or even having it fill up your bridal arrangments.

Our Toronto Bulk Flowers expert flower designers will be ready to answer all your questions about this awesome unique filler flower. They can suggest the many ways this gorgeous flower can be designed and implemented in many arrangments for such occasions as Mother’s Day bouquets and Valentine’s Day vase arrangments.