Heart Shaped Bamboo in a Vase

Bamboo has a fleshy stem, which differentiates it from the normal bamboo. Heart Shaped Bamboo thrives perfectly in well ventilated areas with bright light. On the positive side, the plant can tolerate dry air. Similarly, it does not need frequent spraying. This makes it difficult to destroy due to its persistent nature.

Maintenance practices for the Toronto Office Dracaena Sanderiana heart shaped Bamboo

  • Spacing

It is the best plant in a room with confined spaced and partial shade.

  • Lighting

It is requires bright but indirect sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight may cause burns.

  • Temperatures

Perfect temperature requirement varies from 15 to 20 °C. Average warmth is ideal.

  • Watering

Consistent supply of water and water spray should be done. However, avoid over watering to prevent water logging and under watering to prevent wilting. Always change the water in the bottles weekly.

  • Propagation

The plant is propagated by use of cuttings. Cut a piece of the stem above the eye. The cuttings are then placed in water for growth.

In addition to that, clean the leaves regularly, remove the plants from the pots monthly to clean the roots and place them back in the pots.

Advantages of the Toronto Office Heart Shaped Bamboo in a Vase 

  • First, the sections of this plant signify the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth.
  • Secondly, the stems of this indoor plant can be changed into spiral shapes by

monitoring the quantity of sunlight provided. When the plant faces south, it attracts prosperity and money.

  • Thirdly, they are low maintenance plants.
  • Lastly, I would recommend that you buy a heart shaped sanderiana to attract wealth and prosperity in your homes and offices.