Heliconia Flowers

Heliconia Flowers look more than just exquisite, they are perfect for many occasions such as an elegant wedding or upscale bridal shower. If you need your special day to be that extra and memorable, then Heliconia Flowers for your wedding flowers is what you need to consider. Due to its versatility, Heliconia can be used at any time of the year. Buying them as bulk flowers is another great option for your wedding flowers because it will lower your wedding expenses.

Heliconia Flowers blend perfectly well with many other flowers, which is why most wedding planners love it. It is most commonly matched with other tropical flowers such as Birds of Paradise, White Oriental Lilies, or the impressive White Anthurium. The orange, yellow and reddish color of the Heliconia is perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving flower gift baskets or vase arrangements.

If you are a DIY-loving person, then make sure to create floral designs with the Heliconia Flowers and the Pendant Heliconia, Yellow Calla Lilies, and Orange Lily flower. Many people consider using it as filler because of its large blooms, but still, it can be a great secondary flower for your arrangement. Also, this beautiful Heliconia is very eye-catching and many floral designers choose to have it as the main focal point of an arrangement. Or sometimes you can only pair it with several greeneries and create wonderful exotic tropical looks.

Some of the best greeneries that perfectly complement the Heliconia can be the orange and dark green leaves of the Magnolia Greenery that are a perfect match for the orange-yellow colors of the Heliconia. Other green leaves can be the Aralia Greens or the Aspidistra Green leaves, as well as the Monstera Leaves.

You can contact us at Toronto Bulk Flowers for our expert flower designers to help you with the best options to match with Heliconia Flowers. We also provide you with the most affordable wholesale flowers prices.