Hot Pink Spray Roses

Hot Pink Spray Roses boast numerous blossoms on each stem which are ideal for adding rich texture and a good volume to the floral arrangement. They are very fun and exciting additions to any flower arrangement. It has brightly colored petals of many shades of pink that is sure to thrill your guests throughout the occasion.

The blooms of the Hot Pink Spray Roses are smaller and more delicate than regular roses. Therefore they also work perfectly as fillers as some flower designer. Pink Spray Roses are ideal as an addition to wedding flowers. If you love to do a DIY wedding flower project, make sure to get your supplies as bulk flowers.

These Roses enhance and volumize a wedding bouquet and bridesmaids bouquet, looks great in pictures and will be a great complement to many bridesmaids’ dresses. These gorgeous pink spray roses are a great match with fillers such as White Limonium flowers, Wax Flowers, and Pink Heather Flowers.

Many greeneries also go well with these nice pink mini roses such as Plumosa Fern Greenery, Asparagus Sprengeri Fern and Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Greenery. The smartest way to get your fillers and greens is as Wholesale flowers because of the good price and the great versatility it will give you. Contact us at Toronto Bulk Flowers for expert advice on do-it-yourself flower projects.